CrimeWatch Alerts
received from the
Lancaster County Sheriff's Department

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Description Date Received
Missing Person19 June 2012
Indian Land/Van Wyck Thefts18 June 2012
Gasoline Pump Scam25 Apriil 2012
Burglary19 April 2012
Burglary on Old Hickory Road20 March 2012
Armed Robbery19 March 2012
Larceny - Help requested7 March 2012
Thefts from Cars1 March 2012
Metal Theft - Help Requested17 January 2012
Thefts13 December 2011
Vehicle Thefts16 November 2011
Check Scam16 November 2011
ATV Thefts31 October 2011
Trailer thefts and thefts from storage sites13 October 2011
Armed Robbery12 October 2011
Burgleries14 September 2011
Attempted Burglary6 June 2011
Indian Land Vehicle Break Ins23 May 2011
Police Officer Impersonator Robberies16 May 2011
Drugs Labeled as Bath Salts16 May 2011
Phone Scam5 April 2011
CraigsList Burglary24 March 2011
Burglary22 March 2011
Burglary Suspects11 February 2011
"Bath Salts" Drug9 February 2011
Gunfight1 February 2011
Police Officer Impersonation24 November 2010
Holiday Crime Prevention24 November 2010
Burglary Suspects17 November 2010
Indian Land Thefts8 November 2010
Weekend Vandalism1 Novembe 2010
Holiday Scams26 October 2010
Suspicious Vehicles26 October 2010
Drug Disposal Day16 September 2010
Horses Shot with Paintball Guns15 September 2010
Burglaries in Indian Land30 August 2010
Vehicle Descriptiion - West Rebound Road Burglary20 August 2010
Convenience Store Robberies26 July 2010
Caught Red Handed14 July 2010
Training Scam14 July 2010
Burglaries Near Edenmoor14 June 2010
Community Involvement Solves Crimes6 June 2010
Purse Snaatches in Charlotte5 June 2010
Theft of Outdoor Equipment30 April 2010
Burglarly in Edenmoor27April 2010
Distraction Thefts15 April 2010
Aggressive Traffic Enforcement Tonight9 April 2010
Golf Club Theft Suspect - Community Assistance Requested6 April 2010
Car Involved in Burglary - Request for Assistnce24 February 2010
Golf Club Thefts Again22 February 2010
New Missing Person Search System - Request for Participation15 February 2010
Itinerant Workmen "Irish Travelers"11February 2010
Home Invasion20 January 2010
Haiti Earthquake Charity Contribution Scams15 January 2010
Highway Patrol to Increase Presence in Lancaster County12 January 2010
Armed Robbery11 January 2010
Indian Land Thefts and Vandalism4 January 2010
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