CrimeWatch Alerts
received from the
Lancaster County Sheriff's Department

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Description Date Received
Telephone calls by persons seeking personal Medicare information. 5 February 2009
Telephone calls by persons promising Federal stimulus program checks and seeking personal information. 10 February 2009
Bank employee kidnapped at home and forced to take kidnappers to the bank. 11 February 2009
Many thefts of GPS units and computers from parked cars (citizen assistance requested). 11 February 2009
Resident's cars parked in the street interfere with theft investigation - please park off the street 12 February 2009
Request for information on a particular vehicle. 12 February 2009
Text message scam 16 February 2009
VOIP (internet phone) telephone service 911 calls routed to incorrect county 18 February 2009
VOIP and Cell Phone 911 Call Routing and Recommendations 19 February 2009
Robbery on Calvin Hall Road 24 February 2009
Home Invasion Scam 25 February 2009
Home Invasion Scam II 27 February 2009
Robbery in Van Wyck 9 March 2009
National Sheriff's Association CrimeWatch Links 11 March 2009
Van Wyck and Countywide Thefts 18 March 2009
Email Scam Looks Like a Bank Account Query 23 March 2009
ATM Card Theft Scheme 24 March 2009
Private Information Left in Public Places 24 March 2009
Vehicles Suspected in Burglaries 25 March 2009
Arrests as a Result of CrimeWatch Effort30 March 2009
CrimeWatch Effort results in Suspects Charged in Several Area Burglaries1 April 2009
Report Unusual Activity6 April 2009
Magazine Sales Scam16 April 2009
Selling Gold, Silver and Precious Gems16 April 2009
Suspicious Vehicle 16 April 2009
Suspicious Vehicle20 April 2009
Thefts from Vehicles21 April 2009
Vehicle Involved in Burglary27April 2009
Theft in Sun City27 April 2009
Large Theft in Lancaster6 May 2009
Theft from a Vehicle7 May 2009
Summer's Coming20 May 2009
Internet Scam28 May 2009
Incidents around Route 1609 June 2009
Theft in Brookchase12 Jume 2009
Possible Attempted Child Abduction in Union County17 June 2009
Vandalism and Prescription Drug Thefts29 June 2009
Thefts from Vehicles30 June 2009
HR 45 Gun Control Law Introduced in Congress30 June 2009
Armed Robbery in Lancaster9 July 2009
Cell Phone as a Stalking Device20 July 2009
Robbery at Gunpoint in Lancaster20 July 2009
Thefts in Indian Land 20 July 2009
Home Invasion  at Gunpoint in Lancaster22 July 2009
Robbery in Lancaster22 July 2009
Arrests for Thefts in Indian Land3 August 2009
Recovery of Stolen Four Wheelers4 August 2009
Thefts in Indian Land7August 2009
Golf Club Theft from Open Garage12 August 2009
Marajuana Plant Arrests13 August 2009
Clairemont Burglary13 August 2009
Clairemont Burglary Update14 August 2009
Indian Land Theft24August 2009
Business Burglary24August 2009
Litter Control24August 2009
Golf Club Theft in Sun City24August 2009
Indian Land Theft Updates26 August 2009
Church Burglary26 August 2009
Arrests in Violent Crimes28August 2009
Scam Warning2 September 2009
Robbery in Van Wyck10 September 2009
Crime Stoppers14 September 2009
Scam Regarding Duke Power Bills15 September 2009
Please Be Alert for Copper Thefts18 September 2009
Dog and Puppy Theft in Indian Land24 September 2009
Kids Victims of Violent Internet Crimes28 September 2009
Robbery at a Traffic Light on 52129 September 2009
October is Crime Prevention Month30 September 2009
Jewelry Store Burglary2 October 2009
Attempted Burglary on Henry Harris Road9 October 2009
Golf Club Thefts21 October 2009
Stolen Car6 November 2009
Car Used in Golf Club  Theft (Community Assistance Requested)6 November 2009
Place a Freeze on Your Credit Ratng6 November 2009
Murder Conviction24 November 2009
Holiday Crime Prevention24 November 2009
Armed Robbery at Walgreens1 December 2009
Obsolete Prescription Medicine Disposal Program2 December 2009
Project Blue Light7 December 2009
Vandalism7 December 2009
Over the Counter Drug Abuse12 December 2009
Year End Message21 December 2009
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